Hoogerman, 2012

A piece by Mario G. Sáez for Erre que Erre

HOOGERMAN is a dance solo inspired by the work of digital artist Han Hoogerbrugge. A piece that seeks to embody the digital animation work by that artist adapting the language of theater. Hoogerbrugge is the digitization of a man with his obsessions, anxieties and fears. Hoogerman is the re-conversion of virtual world into something organic, around the body.

For more info, visit Hoogeman’s Blog.

A piece of Mario G. Sáez for Erre que Erre.

Assistant Director: Ángeles Angulo

Lighting: Carles Rigual

Music: JPLS and Balago.

Styling: Kike Palma.

Visual programming: Roman Torre

Difusion: Ángeles Angulo

Produced by Erre que erre dance.