Rembihnútur, 2012

* In a few months we will have the support to play the interactive version, it is presented here is non-interactive. 

It is recommended to play full screen.

Rembihnútur is the first video in a series of interactive and inmersive pieces in widescreen format collaborative as a result of collaboration between Erre que Erre, Welovecode and Mr. Fogg.

Original Idea and Direction: Erre que Erre/ Mr. Fogg

Technical Support: Welovecode

Choreography and performance: Victor Zambrana, Virginia Garcia, Carlos Zuñel, Adrien Joubert, Joaquin Jara, Daniel Corrales, Maria Montseny, Nello Nebot, Cristina Ramirez, Nikos Markostamos, Nuria Martí, Carles Rigual, Anna Rubirola, Ariadna Gironés, Antonio Navarro Wijkmark.

Music: Sigur Rós

Customs: Kike Palma, Josep Abril y Azpeleta y Martínez

Fotofrafía: Wijkmarkphoto

Thanks: Fundació Vila Casas/ Can Framis.

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