Hooger & Guests, 2013

Hooger & Guests is a series of three visual pieces departing the solo Mario G. Saez called Hoogerman, inspired by the work of digital artist Han Hoogerbrugge. Erre que Erre has invited three creators Jerome Souillot / Émile Sacré (Toulouse), Abraham Hurtado (Murcia-Berlin) and Kike Segurola (Barcelona) to make each of them a video-work on this fictional character.

HOOGER & GUESTS BY JÉRÔME SUILLOT. The first piece immerses the character in inclement plastic. Émile Sacré has filmed, edited and composed the music for this event. Made with the support of Bakelite, overall design & solide bklt.fr.
Thanks: Julie Galifet, Marianne Masson, Nicolas Diaz, Christophe Léger, Benoît Sicre.