Dresscode, 2004

The dresscode is the excuse, and the context for reflection on the relations that arise in those environments where the person voluntarily sacrifices according to the stereotype. The appropriation of external signs to create an identity and find relationships shows a widespread and growing reality in contemporary society: loneliness and isolation, the high individualization creates the need to find ways to relate interpersonally that allow us the illusion of being with others (even intimately) without ceasing to be alone.
Once the relationship from these codes and when signals are diluted, how we continue to confront this relationship?

Concepte / original idea: Guillermo Weickert/Mario G. Sáez
Choreography & performed: Guillermo Weickert and Mario G. Sáez
Costumes/estilisme: Jorge Pérez
Scenery: Candela Reymundo/Alex Tarragüell
Producció Executiva: Erre que Erre

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