A.P.A.A.I., 2003

A show based on an original idea by Guillermo Weickert.

An invitation to create a climate conducive to the observation of details, a state somewhere between waking reality and dream. Where we can cross the border without control or shock: one of those moments in which some element of everyday experience jumps blowing to pieces and makes evidence is displayed and the strangeness of life. One of those moments so fragile and delicate as those feverish delusions lost will travel only with the help of a prospective medicine. One of those moments where materialize possible but highly improbable events.

Concept/original idea: Guillermo Weickert/Erre que Erre
Direction: Guillermo Weickert
Coreography & performed: Susana Castro, Marina Serrano, Teresa Navarrete, Ángeles Angulo, Mario G. Sáez y Ricardo Salas
Original Music: Martín Fucks/Vitor Joaquim.
Costumes/estilisme: Jorge Pérez/Lidia Mombiela
Scenery: Candela Reymundo/Alex Tarragüell
Lighting: Carles Rigual
Executive production: Erre que Erre

A co-production of the Summer Festival of Barcelona Grec 2003 and the dance company erre que erre.
The collaboration of Ponferrada Bergidum Theatre Monumental de Mataró.

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