Avatar*, 2009


Avatar* is a solo dance that takes as its starting point the research and interaction of a moving body on a virtual and interactive canvas. Throughout the show the singer will face unfamiliar surroundings and situations with which she can interact and take her own decisions of progress, maintaining a constant dialogue with the software.
Avatar*’s interpretive and conceptual premise is that it presents and play on stage with your own avatar, which is more than the virtual representation of ourselves.

For more information please visit the Avatar*s blog. A blog to collect all the creative and technical process of the piece.

Concept/Original idea: Ángeles Angulo/Román Torre.
Coreography & performed: Ángeles Angulo.
Interactive visual and assembly: Román Torre.
Original music: David Crespo.
Lighting: Carles Rigual.
Costumes: Kike Palma/Teresa Helbig.
Programming: Román Torre/Ping Pong Techonologies.
Executive producer: Erre que Erre.

Residències de creació:
Pasantías ’09. La Caldera, Barcelona.
Devir CAPa, Faro.
Matadero Madrid, Madrid.
Centro Párraga, Murcia.
Laboral centro de arte y creación industrial, Gijón.
Laboral Teatro, Gijón.
Can Felipa, Barcelona.
Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid.

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