Principios Opuestos, 2010


The rhytm facilitates the meeting of two personalities that are only two poles of the same being. Opposites are identical in nature but different in degree whose ends are in permanent contact. Rhythm is the thread that allows you to evolve and become visible, giving the feeling that they can control the time and create common worlds.
The use of music, body and technology constitute a whole where the opposite principles are developed.

“… there is a law not explained, while true, according to which everything that ever existed has done for some form or another exist again, repeat, nothing is taken alone, everything happens for at least 2 sometimes it is the only way to create rhythm, periodic wave that gives rise to a very powerful law is the law of analogy, the similarities, so I guess that all worldviews that humans can conceive could be grouped in only 2 types, 1) this way of thinking that believes that the facts are unique and unrepeatable, which are a single point in space and time, and 2) it considers to be necessarily repeatable, a succession of points time … ” Nocilla Dream, Agustín Fdez. Mallo.

Creación, dirección e interpretación: Víctor Zambrana / Mario G. Sáez.
Asistencia de dirección: Ángeles Angulo / Joaquín Jara.
Programación, visuales e iluminación: Román Torre / Carles Rigual
Música: Ilia Meyer / David Crespo (Balago).
Documentación videográfica: Ricardo Salas.
Vestuario: Antony Morato.
Producción ejecutiva: Margherita Bergamo / Susana Castro.

Residencias de creación:
Endanza, Sevilla.
DeVIR / CAPa, Faro.
L’Animal a l’esquena, Celrà, Girona.
L’Estruch, Sabadell.
La Caldera, Barcelona.

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