Escupir en el tiempo, 2006

Do we celebrate or welcome change for change? Why do we need to notecertain times? What do we expect of those moments that seem relevant? Does a change? Or is it just a way to mark the passage of time? What is the secret tocelebrate the future?

There is no secret. Only one group of people who are in that special place that appears in all the celebrations, which occur “other things”, we relate differentlyand occur “Other Stories”. Places to meet, where to find and where the complicity of the bodies nowhere to hide.

Or the only secret is to try to delay the time of the special moments, stopping atsome moments, trying to have fun, enjoy each other, keep those who want toclose.

Concept/original idea: Erre que Erre.
Choreography / performance: María Cabeza de Vaca, Guillermo Weickert/Ricardo Salas, Susana Castro, Teresa Navarrete, Ángeles Angulo y Mario G. Sáez.
Scenic Area / art director: Irene van der Mheen.
Costumes: Lydia Delgado.
Original music: David Crespo (Balago), Martín Fucks, Myriam Swanson and Dani Nel.lo
Video Director: Guillem Morales
Assembling and editing: Ricardo Salas
Executive production: Margherita Bergamo

Escupir en el Tiempo, MAX Award for the Performing Arts 2008 for Best Dance Performance, and is funded by the Generalitat de Catalunya Department of Culture of Medial Comunication, Institut de Cultura City Council of Barcelona Institut Ramon Llull.

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