Lost & Safe, 2007

“Visual space that generates a cold climate have always seemed a very attractive: the snow, light, ice … The feeling of tranquility, while fear and dizziness that may result to be in the middle of a frozen surface, in a vacuum … All this mixed with how we respond to cold. The sensation of cold, need to take shelter to avoid the cold invade us and take hold of us: all these are the feelings I want to transmit. The great pleasure of walking on a frozen night, the need to run to keep warm”.

Teresa Navarrete. September 2007.

Now that everything is clearly outlined in the vacuum, I have freedom to watch the snow. The possibility of an iland, Michel Houellebecq.

Lost & Safe is a creation of Teresa Navarrete and Kike Segurola in collaboration with musician Miguel Marin (ARBOL)