Divadlo, 2000

Show based on the work of Czech photographer Jan Saudek

A strange mixture of tenderness and violence, lyricism and irony, romanticism and eroticism close to obscenity. We would like the viewer is plunged us into Jan Saudek’s universe: physical contact, a flamboyant eroticism, aggression, states of intoxication, passion … the eloquence of contrast, the femininity of women opossite the force of man , a girl to pose as a woman, a mature woman with girl gestures …
A world of delicious sins, fierce emotions, uncontested wishes fulfilled. The plot and its pitfalls: the power of a hug, a kiss of tenderness, lust and passion, the human grotesque, the government of the animal instincts and desire.

Original idea: Erre que Erre
Choreography & Performed:
 Susana Castro, Marina Serrano, Teresa Navarrete, Ángeles Angulo, Mario G. Sáez and Ricardo Salas
Original Music: Martin Fucks
Costumes: Erre que Erre
Lighting Design: Diego R. Aguilera
Executive Production: Myriam Swanson

Co-production: Endansa’99 & Erre que Erre.
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